Nash Pinpoint Chod Twister Hooks

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  • Brand: Nash
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Product Description

Key Features
  • Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
  • Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
  • Now stronger, sharper and lighter
  • Pinpoint advanced manufacturing and materials
  • Proven out turned eye design for Chods, Stiff Links and other D Loop presentations
  • Enlarged eye for easy threading of high diameter lines

Tell Me About It

With updated patterns and advanced manufacture, the Pinpoint range is Nash’s most advanced range of carp fishing hooks, designed to be stronger, sharper, and lighter than other hooks on offer, giving you a smoother fishing experience, and greater hold, ensuring more bites are brought to the bank.

Available in micro barbed and barbless hook design, these Chod Twister hooks are ideal for all commercial venues, and designed for superior rig performance.

What Discipline Is It For?

Designed to meet the tough demands of carp fishing, this hooks give your angling the boost it needs.

Why Should I Buy It?

The Nash Pinpoint Chod Twister Hooks are designed to maximise the performance of Chod, Stiff Link, and other D-Loop presentation rigs, which give you a versatile carp fishing experience on a variety of venues.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The superior rig performance of these hooks makes them perfect for the active carp angler who wants to explore the full range of carpy potential.