Nash Pinpoint Claw Hooks

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  • Brand: Nash
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Product Description

Key Features
  • Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
  • Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
  • Radical new wide gape extreme design
  • Ultimate strength with the biggest carp
  • Unique apex angled bend design
  • Secure hook holds under extreme pressure
  • Combines the hooking ability of a straight point
  • Durability of a beaked pattern
  • Enlarged eye for use with heavy hooklinks

Tell Me About It

With updated patterns, and benefitting from advanced manufacturing processes, these Nash Claw Hooks, from the Pinpoint range, feature an extreme wide gauge that’s perfect for heavier hooklinks.

A wide angled bend keeps your bait on the hook, whilst ensuring the hookpoint isn’t masked by the bait – you’re not dangling that hookbait out to give the fish some free food, after all!

Combining the hooking ability of a straight point with the durability of a beaked point, the Nash Pinpoint Claw is the ultimate carp fishing hook.

What Discipline Is It For?

These hooks offer excellent versatility for all your carp fishing, on any venue.

Why Should I Buy It?

Creative angling, unlike creative accounting, won’t get you into trouble – in fact, it’s more likely to get you out of trouble, and turn around a frustrating session of blanks.

These hooks are suitable for a wide variety of rigs and bait presentations; use them across your tackle range to easily vary your fishing style, and maximise your performance potential.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Having a hook that’s specifically designed to optimise the presentation of slow sinking or surface baits can be a game-changer in a session where other baits are falling short.