Gunki Skyward Tactile S Rod

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Product Description

Key Features
  • Series of rods with short handles
  • Designed for finesse styles where precision and good rod handling are important
  • The S-190MH model is also ideal for vertical fishing

The Dutch tackle brand, Gunki, was founded by Carl Visser in 2008 after 25 years of owning a construction company Visser decided it was time for something new. Already an avid angler, Visser quickly opted for fishing as a branch from his hobby, and in particular white fish and competition fishing as a speciality.

This series of Gunki rods are great for anglers that require shorter handles on their predator rods. Whether it's in a tight-knit swim or fishing from a boat, the short handle of the Gunki Skyward Tactile S Rod is sure to make moveability of the rod easier when trying to land a mega pike in the net.

The Skyward Tactile S is designed for finesse fishing styles where precision and good rod handling are important. These rods are available in two lengths of 183cm with a casting weight of 2-10g and the longer version of 190cm with a 5-20g CW. The S-190MH model is incredibly ideal for vertical fishing.