Korum Speed Spin Rods

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  • Brand: Korum
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Product Description

Key Features
  • Super-slim lightweight blanks
  • Strong, hardwearing Fuji LV and OVS Guides
  • Ergonomic Japanese style reel seat with 3k carbon inlay
  • Three-section EVA handle
  • Hook keeper ring
  • Japanese inspired cosmetics
  • 6ft - Great for ultralight spinners, small jigs, or small spoons
  • 6ft6 - Great for small spinners, small jigs, or small spoons
  • 7ft - Ideal for soft lures, small crankbaits, spinners and spoons
  • 7ft4 - Ideal for soft lures, small crankbaits, spinners and spoons
  • 8ft - Ideal for crankbaits, spoons, large spinners and medium sized jigs

Korum Speed Spin Rods, A comprehensive selection of fast-action spinning rods with modern Japanese inspired looks and performance.

The tip recovery is perfect for accurate casting and powerful reserves provide a superb action. The components used on these rods have been chosen for their durability for a wide range of spin fishing applications. 6ft, Featuring a medium action, the 3-12g Speed Spin rod has been designed for fishing with a range of light lures including ultralight jigs, small spinners and small spoons. It features a sensitive tip, but power in reserve to set the hooks. Perfect for targeting smaller species like perch or trout. 6ft6, This medium actioned rod features a sensitive tip to help read the action of your lure. This rod is perfect for fishing with spoons, spinners, and small soft lures. The super slim carbon blank has lots of power to set hooks in bony mouths. The ideal rod for trout, perch and small zander. 7ft, The Medium-fast action of the 5-20g Speed Spin rod lends itself to a wide range of predator fishing applications. From fishing with small spinners and spoons, to casting crankbaits and soft lures. Fast action for setting hooks and accurate casting. 7ft4, Featuring a fast action, the 6-24g Speed Spin Rod is perfect for pike, zander, and perch. This all-round rod will cast crankbaits, medium sized soft lures, and larger spinners. Its sensitive tip allows you to feel the lures action through the water. The ergonomic reel seat helps this by giving great feel through the rods blank. 8ft, The fast action of the Speed Spin 7-28g Rod is perfect for casting crankbaits, spoons, large spinners or soft lures when targeting a range of predators. This rod will handle pike, zander and big perch with ease. The sensitive tip makes reading the lures action easy, while keeping the power needed to land big fish. An extremely versatile spinning rod.