MAP Dual Pole Roller

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  • Brand: MAP
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Product Description

Key Features
  • Detachable upright central roller (patent pending)
  • Detachable legs (patent pending)
  • Supplied with standard telescopic legs and 20-28cm stumpy leg set
  • Extruded foam horizontal rollers for smoother performance
  • 3-location point for central roller ideal for double shipping
  • Super-soft foam horizontal roller for less through pole vibration
  • Folding legs and folding vertical rollers for easy storage
  • One-touch telescopic leg function
  • Built-in anchoring points for extra stability
  • Supplied with tough carry bag

MAP Dual Pole Roller, Its here the latest pole roller from the design team here at MAP and boy, is it good! Called the DUAL Pole Roller, this truly innovative roller not only looks the nuts but it has some really clever thinking behind it.

Firstly, you see that central upright roller? Well, that can be relocated in one of three holes in the main cross bar, giving you loads of options for when youre setting up to double-ship. That upright roller can also be removed totally to create a 70cm wide roller clever stuff or what? Youll notice that the horizontal and upright rollers look a little different the uprights are manufactured from traditional EVA foam but the horizontal rollers are made from a super-soft foam (think memory foam), which is extruded, a process where the material is forced through a machine to create consistent thicknesses.

Using this process to make the rollers means theres very little difference in wall thickness, which results in smoother running and less bounce through the pole. Say goodbye to bait bouncing out of your pole pots! We know you guys love our existing pole rollers, especially the telescopic legs to make setting up on uneven ground a breeze, well, weve taken this one step further by supplying the DUAL Pole Roller with detachable legs, an industry first. But this isnt just a gimmick; it means you can really suit the roller to the venue you fish because not only do the 45-70-95cm telescopic legs detach, but were also supplying the roller with a set of telescopic stumpy 20-28cm legs so if you have high banks behind you, the roller can be positioned to keep shipping back effortless.

This isnt just about laying the roller straight onto the ground like the competition, getting the roller in the mud and getting everything dirty; weve designed a truly unique way of fishing with the roller low to ground that gives you more options. There are also built-in anchoring points on the frame, so if you want to weight the roller down or even use guy ropes when its mega-windy, you can.

With high side rollers, those same high winds dont pose issues with the pole blowing off the roller! Back to the legs; the telescopic legs use our super-simple one-touch twist mechanism from our standard and Flat-V rollers so you can quickly and effortlessly change leg height, and they lock solid too perfect!